Physiotherapy centre Cum Physical Fitness Center

Since 1989, Sewadham Ashram is lifetime shelter and rehabilitation center for disabled old, young, children, men and women. Presently we are running Physiotherapy centre under guidance of full time skilled and semi skilled professionals.

At Sewadham most of our residents are physically or mentally challenged and physical fitness is must for all of them.  Here at Sewadham we see many cases wherein residents who were bed-ridden, unable to stand or walk, look after themselves and were dependent on services of our volunteers are now standing strong on their feet and are volunteering and supporting Ashram activities.  This all has been made possible due to proper treatment of their physical ailments.

Sewadham Ashram provides services like physical fitness and physiotherapy. Our services comprises of manual therapy, mobilization, joint relaxation exercises, strengthening and stretching exercises, therapeutic exercise and the application of technological equipments.

Physiotherapy helps people with physical difficulties resulting from illness, injury, disability, obesity and muscle weakness. We help to promote their health and well‐being and assist in the rehabilitation process by developing and restoring body systems, in particular the neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

We propose to setup new Physiotherapy Center in – Hospice Center, with three skilled labour, one unskilled labour and one helper. We have spacious building to place the machineries and equipments. We have a good 24 x 7 electricity source.

We will hire more trained physiotherapist. Our aim is diagnosis and treatment of our suffering residents and make them self dependent to live with self respect.

We are going to target mainly the Sewadham Ashram residents Kids and Old age people and people from nearby surrounding rural area who are deprived or do not have access to these services within a radius of 20 kms.

We invite you all with family, friends and associates to visit Sewadham Ashram and witness genuineness of our noble mission of services to suffering humanity and bless our residents.