We see homeless, shelter less, dying and destitute people around us, whether it’s on railway platforms, bus stations, pavements, roads or other public places. Resigned to their pitiable fates, some are covered in filth, some have maggots filled stinking sores / wounds on their bodies. Each has a painful story to tell. They are left to lead an almost non-existent life, all by themselves.

As fellow human beings, we sometimes pity them. Some may drop them a rupee or two and some may even give them some food or old clothes. We are so engrossed in our own busy lives that their state doesn’t stir any further feelings within us and we leave them be.

This is where Sewadham Ashram an inter-faith NGO steps in. Providing a life time shelter and rehabilitation to the homeless, differently abled, mentally ill, dying and destitute people from across India without any discrimination based on caste, creed, age, sex or religion.

It is a non-partisan, voluntary organization running exclusively on public support. It encourages individuals, corporate and other agencies around the world to actively support and participate in the welfare services being carried out for such helpless people. Ever since 1986, Sewadham has been a home for people who were abandoned by their families or their individual societies at large.

Such people get a shelter for life at Sewadham without the boundaries created by caste, creed, religion, etc., and live in a huge joint family like atmosphere. Tireless and dedicated work done at the ashram has helped more than 5000 suffering people get a new lease of life. That’s not all; nearly 1500 people were rehabilitated and the last rites of more than 1500 people were carried out according to their individual religious belief systems.

Currently Sewadham Ashram is providing shelter and loving care for more than 500 residents, irrespective of age and sex. It has been a home for more than 5000 such people since its inception in 1989. Its humanitarian efforts provided vision to 500 people through eye donations; organized around 200 eye and health camps benefiting over 2 lakh people. It has donated more than 150 cadavers to medical colleges and carried out last rites of over 1500 people as per their respective religious beliefs. Sewadham social workers served over 13 months at the devastating 2001 earth quake affected Kutch and Bhuj regions in Gujarat, which was appreciated by Hon. Narendra Modi, then Chief Minister (Gujarat) and the present Prime Minister of India.

At present more than 100 workers (paid and voluntary) are rendering services to residents who include old parents (abandoned by their own children) and other young and old, mentally and physically challenged people, orphaned & special children, leprosy affected people, paralyses cases, Polio/Cancer/TB/HIV/AIDS victims, pregnant and unwed mothers among scores of others.

Sewadham Ashram achieved a major milestone in 2016 with the inauguration of “Didwania (Ratanlal) Avedna Kendra – Sewadham” a  Hospice center. The center can accommodate 200 mentally ill, dying and destitute people, children, young and old, mentally and physically challenged people, who are suffering from chronic or terminal diseases, people affected with leprosy, paralysis and Polio/Cancer/TB/HIV/AIDS victims, oppressed, pregnant and unwed mothers, and others who are on their death beds.

Sewadham Ashram is making an all-out attempt to enter into projects for “Men and Women’s Empowerment” and self-dependence. This attempt is not only for the residents of the Ashram but also for the prosperity of the people in nearby rural areas. Owing to poverty they are unable to provide even basic needs such as quality & nutritious food, shelter and medical aid for themselves.

In brief Sewadham is dedicated to making its residents and the people from nearby rural areas self-dependent by providing them opportunities to lead their lives with respect and make them a part of main stream society.

Established by Shri SUDHIR BHAI GOYAL on January 26th, 1989 Sewadham Ashram is the main unit of Ujjaini Senior Citizen’s Forum (USCF), which again was founded by him on January 26th, 1986. Sewadham was founded on the principle of “Manav Sewa – Madhav Sewa” i.e. Service to Humanity is Service to God. Sewadham’s Logo highlights the Concept of – Sewa (service), Shiksha (education), Swasthya (health), Swawlamban (self-dependence), Sadbhav (communal harmony) with environment protection.

Sudhir Bhai  Goyal, Founder – Director is the sole architect of Sewadham Ashram, almost single-handedly set up the entire service-oriented Ashram from scratch. A humanitarian visionary, who could have enjoyed the comforts and luxuries provided by his ample inheritance as a businessman, however chose a life dedicated to serving the needy ever since the age of 13. The journey started with just around 5.6 acres of land that he donated to the ashram and a resolve to do something for the underprivileged and the suffering.

Sewadham is situated near Gambheer Dam at the picturesque “Ankit Gram”, Ambodia, Ujjain (MP) on Badnagar Road and is about 15 Km from the ancient holy city of Ujjain. It is about 75 kms from Indore airport in Madhya Pradesh.

Under leadership of Sudhir Bhai Goyal Sewadham Ashram has a Vision 2018 which aims towards providing shelter & rehabilitation, food, medical aid, education to special children, health & hygiene cloths, proper care and maintenance with love, care and compassion to 1000 unfortunate souls who are living non existing life and abandoned, neglected by their own family or our society.

His aim is to make necessary arrangement for imparting education to differently abled kids, women empowerment and make them self reliant to enable them to lead the life with dignity and self respect with the main stream of society.