You can support Sewadham Ashram by contributing in
Day to Day Routine Expenses 
Care and Maintenance of 500 Residents

No.Sewadham Ashram Activities AmountDescription
01One Time MealsRs. 8,500.00Simple Meals
02One Time MealsRs, 11,000.00Special Meals
03Lunch & Dinner (Both)Rs. 15,000.00For One Day
04Aajivan Bhojan TithiRs. 11,000.00For one Resident
05Aajivan Bhojan TithiRs. 1,21,000.00All Resident/Month
06Sponsor for CareRs. 1,151.00Resident/Month
07Sponsor for CareRs. 12,000.00 Resident/Annum
08One Day Complete CareRs. 51,000.00 For 500 Residents
09Adopt One ResidentRs.3,000.00Resident/Month
10Adopt One ResidentRs.36,000.00Resident/Annum
11Adopt One Bedridden ResidentRs.5,000.00Resident/Month
12Adopt One Bedridden ResidentRs.60,000.00Resident/Annum
Gaushala (Cow Shed)
S.No.Sewadham’s Daily ActivitiesAmountDescription
01.Gaushala ExpensesRs. 5,100.0001 Day Complete Care
02Gaushala ExpensesRs. 1,51,000.0001 Month Complete Care