Sewadham Ashram, Ujjain
Humble Request for donation of
Ambulances for Sewadham Ashram

Sewadham Ashram is lifetime shelter and rehabilitation center with love, care and compassion and is serving the under privileged, abandoned, old, disabled, mentally ill, dying and destitute people coming from across the nation irrespective of caste, creed, religion, age and sex. Wed,  unwed mothers, mentally ill pregnant women also find safe shelter and care here.

Presently there are 500+ residents and there is regular increase in number. With the mounting costs of running the Ashram on a day-to-day basis, we are facing acute financial crises and are struggling in managing monthly routine expense. In spite of limited resources we are unable to deny new admissions due to the pathetic and pitiable state of suffering soul.

Sewadham Ashram is located around 20 kms from the Ujjain town in remote village Ambodiya, District Ujjain. There is lack of facilities and services within the radius of 20 kms and hence we need to go uptown and commute number of times to feed our daily needs. Hence we are also running our city office for the convenience of postal services as there is practically no facility of OFC, telephone land line facility coupled with very weak mobile and internet connectivity.

Sewadham is a voluntary organization, running exclusively on public support, legacies, philanthropic donors, charitable trusts, corporate, CSR initiatives.

As we are facing difficulties in managing day to day routine expenses required for running Sewadham, there is no question of investing amount in purchasing an Ambulance. Sewadham is in dire need to have an Ambulance looking at the ill health of disabled, bed ridden, mentally ill, dying and destitute residents of all age groups. Most of them are suffering from chronic or terminal illnesses and the Govt. hospital is about 20 kms from Sewadham. As our residents are mentally ill, we are dependent on Psychiatrist help from Indore District Govt. Mental Hospital focusing on treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders of all ill patients on regular basis.

Ambulance is also essential for providing our services, medical aids, medical camps in surrounding remote areas and running mobile clinic from time to time, promoting Ashram activities and most importantly rescuing suffering people from different places. All this requires reliable Ambulance which is not available with us.

Here we would like to mention that in past philanthropic donors gifted Ambulances to the Ashram but as on date there is not a single reliable one on which we can depend on. At present we are using Tata Winger (Ambulance 2009) and Tempo Traveler (Ambulance 2005) and both the ambulances are off the road and require heavy maintenance. It is not possible to purchase a new vehicle even if we sell off the above mentioned vehicles as they have only scrap value. Running them also is proving costly because of the regular maintenance and breakdowns.

Hence forth immediate replacement by inducing new Ambulances in the system is the only solution. Sewadham humbly appeals to you to please come forward, whole heartedly, extend your support to donate / purchase new Ambulances and participate in services for Noble Cause.

All donations are covered under section 80G of the Income Tax Act 1961. The organization is also registered under FCRA for Foreign Contributions.

We invite you all with family, friends and associates to visit Sewadham Ashram and witness genuineness of our noble mission of services to suffering humanity and bless our residents.