“Become God Father to one or many” 

Sewadham Ashram is working for noble cause of serving suffering humanity.  We accept abandoned old, disabled, mentally ill, dying and destitute people coming from across the nation found at bus stand, railway stations, roads, footpaths, temples, hospitals and other public places, they all have found loving care and attention at Sewadham. Exploited, abandoned, married, unmarried, mentally ill pregnant women also found safe shelter, care and protection here.  All residents are served here with love, care and compassion irrespective of their caste, creed, religion, age and sex.

Many of our residents live in appalling conditions with maggots infected wounds. People shun them leave alone talk to them. The main objective of Sewadham is to provide shelter, nutritious food, health care, medical support, personal hygiene, safe drinking water, education, clothes etc. and opportunity to live life with dignity.

Most of our residents are in need and hopelessness is a constant presence in their lives. Their lives do not hold much promise for a bright future. All they need is someone to believe in their dreams and give them a chance for a better future. You can be the ray of hope in their life.  It is not just about giving some money it’s about making a big difference to society as a whole and creating a positive and enduring change in the lives of neglected suffering people living in undue inequality. Sewadham Ashram provides you with a wonderful opportunity to help the needy coming from  somewhere live a better life with dignity.

Monthly Regular expenses for one resident is Rs.3,000 / month or Rs.36,000 / annum and Rs.5,000 / month or Rs.60,000 / annum for one bedridden resident for the noble humanitarian services being rendered by us.  Your generous help would ensure best services to each & every individual we reach and serve. Your support will help us in developing sustainable models and augment our scalability.

The Organization sustains on donation from public, corporate bodies, CSR, charitable organization and generous supporters.  All donations are exempted under 80G of Income Tax Act 1961 and registered under FCRA for foreign contributions.

In a way, all achievements and Sewadham’s humanitarian services are being made possible through donations. The organization in the interest of the disabled and suffering humanity, sincerely request individuals, charitable organizations & corporate bodies to kindly come forward with a generous hand to strengthen our activities in serving the oppressed humanity with utmost dedication.

We humbly request you to come forward and support us by sponsoring one or more such needy unfortunate souls through our ADOPT ONE scheme and become Godfather of one or many as caring is all about sharing.