Sewadham Ashram, Ujjain

Eco – Friendly Un Conventional Energy Source
(Land & Building will be provided by the Organization)

Sewadham Ashram is situated in Ujjain (MP) in the picturesque location adjoining Gambhir dam, at village Ambodia. Ujjain city – a very ancient city situated in central India and abode of Lord Mahakaleshwar, one of the 12 Jyotirlingas in the country.

Away from humdrum of the city – Ujjain – the ancient city where the lord of the universe – Shiva – is the presiding deity enthroned in the Mahakaleshwar Temple, there exists a multidimensional ashram called Sewadham. Sewadham Ashram is spread over 7.23 Acres in Mahakal Vankshetra (forest) having beautiful landscaping, surrounded by natural lush green area with dense plantation all around with natural water bodies and pollution free healthy environment.  We at Sewadham address to the issue of protecting nature and healthy environment.

Sewadham Ashram is a lifetime shelter and rehabilitation center for abandoned, neglected, old, disabled, mentally ill, dying and destitute people without the boundaries of age, sex, caste, creed and religion coming from across the country.  Our residents are suffering from contagious, chronic or terminal diseases.  We are providing services like shelter, nutritious food, medical aids, health care, personal hygiene, safe drinking water, education and training, self reliance / rehabilitation and healthy environment for all.

Since our residents are suffering from one or the other chronic and contagious diseases which is harmful for themselves and others and more so due to their inability to look after themselves, we need to provide them proper health care, medication, personal hygiene and healthy environment.

Presently Sewadham is serving around such 500+ suffering unfortunate souls of all age groups and 24 x 7 availability of power supply is must to have access to most of our essential services.

Since Ashram is located in rural area 24 x 7 power facility is not available, through the rural grid power. To cater and utilize most of our latest facilities and services, we are presently using commercial – HT connection to have access to uninterrupted power supply.

Use of HT power is very costly affair and our monthly billing shoots above Rs.1.00 Lacs per month which is huge amount for us. Since Sewadham Ashram depends exclusively on public donations, donations from charitable organizations, CSR and generous supports, having very limited number of regular donors and in absence of any corpus funds it is becoming very difficult to meet both ends.

Provision of regular power supply is must to arrange Hot / Warm water almost throughout the year for bath, sanitation, washing cloth, utensils, bed sets, woolens (in winter), room cleaning & housekeeping to protect our residents from further infections.

We need continuous power for latest kitchen setup, Hospice Center, Children Home, old age home, disabled home, automated commercial laundry setup, water purifiers, sump well and overhead water tank, 24 x 7 water supply and other essential facilities such has physiotherapy center, education & training center etc.  Solar Power (Un-conventional energy) is the only solution to it.

We propose 50 KwP Solar Energy Plant to utilize uninterrupted power and have access to all the essential services. This will also help us in reducing regular monthly expenses; the amount spared by utilization of Solar Energy can thus be utilized to improve our services and other facilities. The step also focuses on our goal of Nature & environment protection.

The estimated expenses to setup 50 KwP Solar Power Plant is Rs.31.31 Lacs and Rs.3.70 Lacs required for civil & fabrication work for safe guarding the panels. Installation of Solar Plant will improve overall financial health of the Ashram, resulting in better services of suffering unfortunate souls.  Utilization of un-conventional power source will be a long term solution. This will help in protecting nature and environment and add to our mission of clean and green surroundings.

All donations are covered under section 80 G of the Income Tax Act 1961. The organization is also registered under FCRA for Foreign Contributions.

We invite you all with family, friends and associates to visit Sewadham Ashram and witness genuineness of our noble mission of services to suffering humanity and bless our residents.